Winter camp for leaders with disabilities immersed into VR again

VRability met again with the leaders ROOI Perspective and plunged more than 30 participants of the winter camp in a virtual reality: parachuting, hang-gliding, playing tennis in a wheelchair, figure skating and downhill skiing with Dream Ski - all these guys were able to experience not leaving the room! As in previous times, wanting to try something out of the read in real life only increased!
Star of the evening was Eugene Belogolovtsev, anchor of "Dream Ski" film about skiing for people with disabilitiles.
In addition, all participants were presented virtual reality cardboards provided Boxglass VR team with symbols of TV channel 2x2 (The 2x2 channel).
As it turned out, after the previous presentation, one of the guys bought PS VR. 

Also, thank you for providing focus360 phones and helmets, and of course Maria Gendeleva and Katrin Faevceva for a warm welcome :)
We hope that the resulting feelings and knowledge of the technology will be useful for young leaders with disabilities in the future!