The first Russian VR 360 project
that uses virtual reality
to help motivate people with disabilities
to be more active in real life.
VRability is the first Russian non-profit project that combines the possibilities of film and virtual reality to achieve an important social goal.
The creative group behind the project consists of professionals in documentary film-making, social advertising and organizing/developing complex technical filming solutions. We use unique 360-degree filming technology and virtual reality glasses playback (VR 360) to motivate people with disabilities be more active in real life by letting them experience new virtual experiences.

The project works on changing attitudes towards people with disabilities and developing innovative technological solutions for social problems.


VRability is the first Russian documentary virtual reality project created with the use of 360-degree video for the purpose of helping solve social problems. It is also the first project in the world that presents the surrounding environment in VR 360-degrees from the perspective of someone in a wheelchair.

A series of both full-length VR-films and independent VR-experiences will be available via smartphone apps, online on our website, and on special VR-playback equipment.

We hope that our project will:

  • motivate people with disabilities to find out more about social and sports activities available to them; to explore the world and new interesting places that are accessible by both people with or without disability.
  • create opportunities for the psychological and emotional rehabilitation of people with recent traumas and those temporarily or continuously suffering from loss of mobility, especially those who require not only physical rehabilitation and help adapting to new life conditions, but emotional support as well.
  • will allow a wide audience to become closer acquainted with the world of someone in a wheelchair and their limitless abilities through the immersion effect (total immersion) and/or watching our project's films and shorts.

The VRability team is open to production proposals for commercial VR 360 films and shorts. Proceeds from our commercial activities will be used for implementing and developing our non-profit project for people with disabilities.
We invite organizations that work with people with disabilities, as well as commercial and social services to participate in the project and help us reach our common goal of creating a more comfortable and accessible environment for everyone.

We invite both organizations of persons with disabilities, as well as commercial and social services to participate in a project to create a more comfortable environment consisting of all the people. 

What do we do?

Motivational short films.
A series of 4-minute virtual reality shorts (VR 360). The films' participants are wheelchair-bound. They will share their stories of success. The visual materials will enable the viewers to see how paralympics, wheelchair dancing, stage performances and daily life are seen through the eyes of someone in a wheelchair.
Various Individual VR-Experiences
A VR-experience is a short film that allows you to experience yourself in one specific situation. We're planning on creating extreme experiences for both those who are wheelchair-bound and those who aren't, as well as filming everyday and commonplace situations that allow the viewer to see the world through the eyes of someone who uses a wheelchair – and someone who doesn't. This will allow all viewers to see the world from a perspective they're not familiar with.
Full-length documentary film and behind-the-scenes shorts about the project.
Our background is in documentary film, television, and social advertising. We would like to use traditional media to answer the question – could creative video, made with the newest and most promising technology, motivate people and change their behavior and attitudes? What are the positive and negative effects of new technology? The behind-the-scenes shorts about our project will be available on our Youtube channel.

Where Can I Watch VRabilitiy videos?


We are currently working on Android and iOS apps. If your smartphone supports VR-content playback, you can watch the videos while moving the phone around you (without the immersion effect), or by using Google Cardboard, Fibrum, or Samsung GearVR glasses. We are looking for commercial sponsors and partners who could help supply our limited-mobility viewers with free virtual reality glasses for VR-content playback through the distribution system that will be created on our site.

You can see prototype of our app as a mobile site here:

Our VRability site will host a system for viewing and filtering various videos, created by us and our colleagues. You will be able to watch VR-films online, receive information on organizations that help people with disabilities participate in sporting and social events in various parts of Russia, watch individual experiences, request free glasses for your region. Our videos will also be available on Youtube and on

VRability Stations

VRability stations will be opened at organizations that work with people with disabilities and rehabilitation and cultural centers. The viewers will be able to watch VR-films in the best possible quality. We invite both venues and commercial producers to join our project and create more possibilities for VR-content screening. 
One of our first partners - Virtuality Club